Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, M.D.
Founder of Lifetrack

About Lifetrack

Lifetrack is an ideal way to work with a professional therapist to achieve personality transformation using 41 parameters and 26 graphs. The program is ideal for a three-person team -- you, your partner in life and a professional therapist -- working toward personality transformation and breakthrough intimacy. However, some of you may find Lifetrack useful as a comprehensive self-help tool, tracking and reflecting on the self, intimacy, and achievement spheres of your life. Just 5 minutes of your time at the end of each day can make a difference.

Lovetrack is an abbreviated version that tracks 14 parameters and displays 9 graphs. This program focuses primarily on the intimacy sphere. It takes only 20 seconds to enter the data for immediate graphing. Lovetrack is designed as a self-help tool to help you monitor the strength of your relationship with your partner in life.

A caveat is that both Lifetrack and Lovetrack are most effective when a couple works together, sharing their graphs to help each other overcome natural resistances and achieve higher levels of closeness than ever experienced before. If you do not have a partner, you might share graphs with a special close friend to stimulate and encourage each other in your common goal of finding and building a successful close relationship and improving the overall quality of your lives. Your chosen partner must be honest, tender and capable of commitment -- a person who shares your genuine desire to build a successful and lasting closeness. If your goal is to transform your personality, the only proven format is a three-person team -- you, your life partner, and an experienced Lifetrack therapist -- working regularly (typically weekly) for three to six months. The three-person team that is the foundation of the Lifetrack method helps protect you and the therapist and ensures maximum productivity in achieving the goal of therapy -- breakthrough intimacy. For that reason, your partner in life should always work with you and your chosen therapist, and you should avoid therapists who do not encourage such teamwork.

Increasing closeness between loving and committed partners can naturally provoke defensiveness, manifested in varying degrees of anxiety, anger, physical symptoms, depression and even psychosis, until a breakthrough is made in intimacy and defensiveness is overcome. If you experience excessive defensive reactions against escalating closeness with your partner, you should consider consulting a professional therapist. You must remember, however, that symptoms of stress provoked by escalating intimacy with your partner are not the cause of the problem but signs that your existing personality is having difficulty accommodating the rising level of intimacy. Defensive reactions (symptoms of stress) are not only inevitable but necessary for you to break out of your existing personality. Therapy should help you overcome defensiveness to reach a higher level of intimacy, not simply reduce the symptoms by distancing or sacrificing intimacy.

Throughout your course of therapy, your Lifetrack therapist will use your user ID and password to access your Lifetrack graphs through the Internet. This accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on your condition is invaluable for your therapist to help you. You connect with the therapist of your choice in the comfort of your home, over the Internet and phone, in complete privacy.

Professional therapists can work with their clients through www.mylifetrack.com at no cost. To access clients' daily self-tracking graphs, therapists simply log on to Lifetrack using the user IDs and passwords their clients give them. Client sessions can be face-to-face office visits or phone sessions for clients who are unable to come to a scheduled session for some reason. Therapists can conduct effective therapy sessions while away from their offices as long as they have access to phone lines. Successful Lifetrack therapists will be able to connect with their clients anywhere in the world, anytime of the day or night. Therapists can also connect with professional colleagues to receive the assistance they need to master Lifetrack concepts and methods.

Beyond offering Lifetrack and Lovetrack programs to enhance your well-being and that of your loved one, Lifetrack offers a forum that is open and fair to individuals who need advice and to capable professional therapists who should have maximum exposure and opportunity to help others. Lifetrack's mission is to help advance the quality of mental health service by providing an effective and tested Lifetrack model of positive mental health and by making the highest-quality professional service accessible to those who can benefit from it, anywhere, anytime.

Although www.mylifetrack.com offers a forum where interested individuals can easily and comfortably connect with professional therapists, Lifetrack cannot be responsible for what transpires between the parties on their own consent.


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