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Please read the following notice carefully and register ONLY if you agree.

[NOTICE]: When you register, your credit card will be automatically charged $500 for registration fee for the month. Further, automatic monthly charge of $500 will take place at the beginning of every month thereafter, until you cancel your registration. If you wish to cancel, please do so before the end of the month (using cancel registration page) so that you will not be charged for the next month. Once charge is made, we cannot reimburse you even if you cancel immediately thereafter, or if you do not use mylifetrack during the next month. Due to program constraints, $500 is charged for the month, even if you do not have full 30 days left for that month when you register. You can save money by registering at the beginning of the month. $500 monthly charge for service includes your full access to the site, and up to one hour per month of phone consultation with a Lifetrack Therapist (currently Dr. Ishizuka).

[NOTICE]: Self-tracking with Mylifetrack offers you an accurate tracking of your state of mind, brining insights that may have been unavailable before. It also helps you consciously improve closeness with your partner, and help improve general quality of life. However, accurate insights and the very improvements in closeness (and other spheres of life) naturally provoke temporary increase in stress symptoms. Some sensitive (defensive) individuals may find it difficult to overcome such increased stress. In such cases, it is recommended that you either stop self-rating, find an appropriate partner, or seek professional therapeutic help. Temporary surge of stress symptoms is an opportunity for you to overcome defense against your higher level of mental health and happiness.

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- Lifetrack Corporation -