The Four Key Steps

Those who succeed in building mental health and a balanced lifestyle have something in common. They all took the following four key steps successfully.

Looking Closer at the Four Key Steps s

1. Recognition :
Accurately observing and recognizing the realities around and within oneself.
2. Perspective : Putting perceived realities into a well-balanced outlook.
3. Decision : Making proper choices and decisions.
4. Action : Acting in a manner consistent with the decision.

These four key steps are inevitably demanded of each one of us in all complex situations. Most of the time, however, conscious thought is not given to this vital process in which we recognize realities, place them in perspective, make decisions and carry out those decisions through effective actions.

To learn more about the four key steps and how they might apply to building health in the spheres of self, intimacy and achievement, see the discussion of the four key steps in my eManual, Breakthrough Intimacy - Sad to Happy though Closeness. New publications will be listed at What's New and Available from Lifetrack section as they become available.

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