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If you would like to consult a Lifetrack Therapist for now press Consultation and contact Dr. Yukio Ishizuka at 914 967 6210 for an appointment.

In the future, in choosing your therapist over the Internet, you must make your own judgment after presenting your graphs by email and conducting phone interview with prospective therapists, inquiring about the therapist's background and experience in helping their clients with Lifetrack method. Profile of successful Lifetrack therapists, and descriptions of Lifetrack therapist training program for professionals are found in Services section of this site.

Professional therapists are free to work with their clients through with no cost to them, by simply logging on to access their clients' daily self-tracking graphs with the ID and Pass Word given to them by their clients during face-to-face office sessions, or phone sessions with clients who are either far away or at home, but could not come to a scheduled session for some reason. The therapists can conduct effective therapy sessions while being away from his office as long as he/she has access to a phone line.

Best efforts will be made to provide assistance to professional colleagues to master Lifetrack concepts and methods. Successful Lifetrack therapists will be able to connect with their potential clients anywhere in the world and conduct therapy over the phone with the help of Lifetrack daily self-rating graphs of the clients anytime of the day and night, crossing time zones. .

While offers a forum where interested individuals can easily and comfortably connect with professional therapists, Lifetrack cannot be responsible for what transpires between the parties on their own consent.


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