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Anxiety, Panic Attack Linda@Fran
Irritabilty, Anger Jane Beth@Ann@
Psychosomatic Physical Symptoms Jane Beth@Ann Sophie Larry
Depression Jane Ken@Terry@Ben@Rick@Beth Ann Tim
Borderline Personality Disorder Jane Linda@Rick@Beth@Cathy@Ann
Accompanied the Suffering Partner Tim Linda@Frank@Norman@Ray

On the brink of divorce.

Linda is an intelligent and capable woman in her mid-30s. Her husband, Rick, became depressed in the process of trying to divorce her for the second time. Although she has always loved him, she had reluctantly agreed to divorce him. She had become concerned that Rick was becoming depressed as the date of signing the divorce paper approached. She had encouraged him to see a doctor and was stunned to be asked to join the therapy.
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Rick is a brilliant and capable executive who was always unhappy with his job and his marriage with Linda. He often thought of quitting his job for something better, and wanted to divorce his wife for someone better. He initially resisted the idea of working with Linda in therapy.
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Married to the wrong person?

Frank is in his early 30s, an honest, caring, and devoted man, married to a very unhappy and difficult wife Beth. He brought her to therapy for help and was surprised when the therapist asked him to participate.
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Beth is in her late 20s with a long history of anxiety attacks, irritability, short and violent temper, multiple physical symptoms, bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts, and "irrational" and physically violent behavior against Frank. She is always "stressed out" at work.
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Depression resisted seven months of treatment on six medications.

Terry, in her mid-50s, wife of a successful executive, suffered from severe depression, which was becoming chronic after seven months of unsuccessful treatment on six medications.
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Seven years of depression treated by seven psychiatrists.

Ben is a businessman in his early 40s who has been depressed for more than seven years and has been treated by seven psychiatrists who prescribed antidepressant and antianxiety medications.
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"I should not have gotten married."

Cathy is a well-educated and capable woman in her early 30s who became depressed after she gave up her job, got married, and had a baby.
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"We love each other but keep hurting each other."

Ann is a talented and ambitious performing artist in her late 20s with a tempestuous history. She became depressed and volatile when she started living with Norman she loves.
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Norman is a disciplined and independent businessman in his early 30s who had overcome his tormented youth and became a highly controlled and driven achiever. He fell madly in love with Ann.
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When terror of panic attacks take over:

Sally is in her mid 40s, married with three children. She had always been known as a cheerful, active, capable and responsible person who never got sick until her first panic attack two years ago.
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Ray brought his wife Sally to therapy. He is a tough-minded, "no-nonsense" executive who was skeptical about psychiatry and Lifetrack therapy when Sally's recovery was slow.
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Fran is a married woman in her mid 30's who has long suffered from panic attacks.
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Ken is a capable and ambitious executive in his 30s. He faced a major career setback for the first time, becoming suddenly and severely depressed. He made several serious suicide attempts and was admitted to hospital.
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Sophie is in her 40s and married to a successful and driven entrepreneur. She is a cheerful, capable, sociable, responsible person who loves both housekeeping and sports. During a period when her husband was exceptionally busy under high pressure, Sophie suddenly developed dramatic and severe physical symptoms for which she has seen several specialists.
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Larry is in his 50s and is a highly successful entrepreneur and a driven achiever. He is a perfectionist who works nearly day and night with little sleep. Sophie has been worried about his health over the years because he has been having nightmares, grinds his teeth in his sleep, and is exhausted during the day. Larry shows various physical symptoms of stress, such as swelling of his face, twitching of his eyelids, back pain, sighing, smacking, and mumbling "I cannot take it anymore."
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Jane, a student in her early 20s, became tense and irritable, suffering from irregular menstrual periods, nausea, apathy, crying spells, and explosive rage against her boyfriend, Tim, with whom she had been living for a year. Through 6 months of Lifetrack therapy, she has broken out of her borderline personality.
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Tim a student in his 20s, met Jane 2 years ago and started living with her a year later. Several months after they started living together, Jane became tense, irritable, emotionally unstable, and volatile. Tim went through the typical struggle of living with a partner with borderline personality.
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