The graph below tracks Timfs symptoms during the first month of therapy.

Larry's anxiety and anger spiked on September 11, his third week in therapy, and then dissipated.

The graph below tracks Larry's overall progress during the first month in therapy.

High spikes of symptoms persisted throughout the first month of therapy with Jane, in reaction to her volatility and provocationse.

The graph below tracks Timfs overall progress during the first mont.

Of the five symptoms of stress that Tim rated, only the highest score is rendered as a stress peak on this graph. The scores Tim gave to the nine elements of each sphere were averaged. The averages were used to graph the intimacy, self, and achievement scores.

To provide a reference point, Tim's maximum pretreatment experiences were each given a score of 10. The goal in therapy is to reach experience levels far beyond those previously reported

After overcoming two major setbacks during the first 3 weeks, Timfs intimacy broke through, rising above its previous maximum level of 10 for the first time on March 18, reaching 12, A wave of defense (symptoms) blocked its further advance until March 23, when Timfs intimacy broke through again to reach 17.8. Another strong wave of defense (March 27-31) brought the intimacy level down to 11; however, this defense became exhausted quickly and Timfs intimacy recovered to 14 by April 1.

The graph below compresses Timfs progress over the entire 6 months of therapy.

Timfs intimacy overcame waves of defense (symptoms) and ultimately reached 100 on July 24, when the scale was readjusted so that 10 would serve as the previous maximum for measurements from that date forward. His three spheres converged following one more setback (July 31) after the scale readjustment.

The graph below tracks Timfs progress during the final (sixth) month of therapyy.


After the July 31 setback, which happened just as Timfs intimacy was breaking through its readjusted previous maximum of 10, his self and achievement spheres advanced rapidly, catching up with the more steadily advancing intimacy to reach Stage IV of personality transformation. Once converged, his three spheres continued to advance together in balance. While he had started therapy to help Jane, Tim has gone through his own personality transformation comparable to Janefs.

The case of Jane and Tim is described in depth in "Breakthrough Intimacy - Sad to Happy through Closeness".

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