The graph below tracks Sophie's symptoms over the first month of therapy.

Sophie responded rapidly to therapy that focused on increasing her closeness to her husband. She lost most of her severe symptoms within 2 weeks. Her psychosis disappeared first, and then depression and anger diminished. She still expressed anxiety and discomfort in her right eye.

The graph below tracks Sophie's progress over the first month in therapy.

1. Sophie's symptoms rose briefly and then started to diminish as her intimacy advanced. They disappeared after intimacy scores increased over the previous maximum score of 10.
2. Symptoms reappeared when her intimacy score broke over 20. They also appeared when her self and achievement scores rose above previous maximum level of 10. They then disappeared by exhaustion.
3. Within 1 month of initiating therapy, Sophie had intimacy scores of 25, and self and achievement scores reached 15.

The graph below tracks Sophie's overall progress over the entire 6 months of her therapy.

Sophie progressed through a classic four-stage personality transformation, with self and achievement scores converging on intimacy scores within 4 months of therapy.

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