Linda's graph of daily self-rating shows that she has progressed through the four stages of personality transformation. She broke out of her borderline personality. See Lifetrack Concepts on this site for summary.

The graph below tracks Linda's symptoms over the first 3 months of therapy

Symptoms, as represented by graphic peaks, gradually became less frequent and less prominent until they disappeared over the 75 days of therapy.

The graph below tracks Linda's overall progress over 3 months of therapy

Of the five symptoms of stress that Linda rated, only the highest score is rendered as a stress peak on this graph. The scores Linda gave to the nine elements of each sphere were averaged. The averages were used to graph the intimacy, self, and achievement scores.

To provide a reference point, Linda's maximum pretreatment experiences were each given a score of 10. The client's goal in therapy is to reach experience levels far beyond those previously reported.

Her Intimacy kept advancing, provoking defenses (symptoms), which became progressively exhausted, losing its ability to mobilize.

The graph below tracks Linda's progress over the last 4 months of therapy

During the last 9th through 12th months of Linda's therapy, all three sphere scores converged and continue to increase (stage IV of personality transformation).

The four stages of personality transformation are described in detail at Lifetrack Concepts: Intimacy to Growth.

Her graphs show that Linda needed approximately 9 months of therapy to break out of her borderline personality.

The case of Linda and Rick is presented in detail by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka in Breakthrough Intimacy - Tracking Life's Quanta.

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Graphs and analysis of Linda's husband, Rick, can be found at View Rick's Graphs and Dr. Ishizuka's Analyses.


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