The graph below tracks Fran's symptoms over the first 2 months of therapy.

The graph shows four periodic and diminishing clusters of symptom spikes (panic attacks) during the first 2 months of therapy.

The graph below tracks Fran's overall progress over the first 2 months of therapy.

1. Advancing intimacy provoked the panic attacks represented by each of four clusters of symptom peaks.
2. Her self and achievement spheres absorbed the brunt of defense (symptoms), allowing her intimacy alone to advance. Intimacy scores rose more rapidly than did self and achievement scores, creating a widening gap (personality transition stage II).
3. On September 20, Fran's intimacy superseded the pretreatment maximum level of 10. This breakthrough provoked strong defenses (symptoms).

The graph below tracks Fran's overall progress over the first 4 months of therapy.

1. Fran's intimacy advanced unopposed to a score of 34.
2. She reported increased self and achievement scores 2 months after her intimacy scores reached 10. All three-sphere scores progressed at an increasing rate (stage III of personality transition).
3. Her symptoms diminished considerably after persisting for 75 days, allowing self and achievement to breakthrough on October 28.

Fran's graph below tracks her progress over the entire 6 month of therapy.

Of the five symptoms of stress that Fran rated, only the highest score is rendered as a stress peak on this graph. The scores Fran gave to the nine elements of each sphere were averaged. The averages were used to graph the intimacy, self, and achievement scores.

To provide a reference point, Fran's maximum pretreatment experiences were each given a score of 10. The client's goal in therapy is to reach experience levels far beyond those previously reported.

1. Fran's intimacy advanced to a score of 80.
2. At the end of therapy, her self and achievement scores were comparable with those for intimacy (personality stage IV).
3. Except for occasional mild anxiety, her symptoms disappeared.

As shown in the above graph, Fran experienced four stages of personality transformation during the 6 months of therapy.

The four stages of personality transformation are described in detail at Lifetrack Concepts: Intimacy to Growth

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