The graph below tracks Beth's struggle to break out of borderline personality behaviors. After 9 months, she experienced a breakthrough in intimacy with her husband.

Of the five symptoms of stress that Beth rated, only the highest score is rendered as a stress peak on this graph. The scores Beth gave to the nine elements of each sphere were averaged. The averages were used to graph the intimacy, self, and achievement scores.

To provide a reference point, Beth's maximum pretreatment experiences were each given a score of 10. The client's goal in therapy is to reach experience levels far beyond those previously reported.

For 5 months subsequent to her intimacy breakthrough on August 8, Beth experienced an intense mobilization of defenses (symptoms). This defensive reaction peaked on December 28 and then her sphere scores increased quickly and consistently. The results suggest that the strength of her defenses had become exhausted.

The above graph shows that Beth needed therapy for 9 months to change her borderline personality. She stayed in therapy for 17 months and continued to progress to levels of happiness, closeness, and sense of satisfaction that she had not previously enjoyed.

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