The graph below shows Ann's symptoms during the first month of therapy.

High spikes represent symptoms that persisted through the first month of therapy. All nonphysical symptoms are shown to be subsiding. Ann's headaches and high fever persisted.

The graph below shows Ann's symptoms through 5 months of therapy.

Within five months of therapy, Ann's symptoms gradually diminished. She was first relieved of psychosis and depression, and then her anger and anxiety diminished. Her physical symptoms lingered..

The graph below tracks Ann's progress through 5 months of therapy.

The graph shows how Ann's tracked symptoms relate to her stress level and the three psychological spheres of self, intimacy, and achievement. Of the five symptoms of stress that Ann rated, only the highest score is rendered as a stress peak on this graph. The scores she gave to the nine elements of each sphere were averaged. The averages were used to graph the intimacy, self, and achievement scores.

To provide a reference point, Ann's maximum pre-treatment experiences were each given a score of 10. The client's goal in therapy is to reach experience levels far beyond those previously reported.

1. After 2 months of initial struggle, Ann first reported an intimacy score greater than 10, the benchmark based on her pre-therapy high. After September 25, she noted continually higher scores. The graph also shows that Ann was also making progress in the achievement and self-spheres.
2. Two months after she reported a breakthrough in her intimacy experiences, her self and achievement scores rose above the benchmark score of 10. By November 25, Ann's symptoms began to disappear as her defense was exhausted.
3. During the fifth month of treatment, Ann's scores in all three spheres started to rise. Her symptoms had largely disappeared.

Graphs of daily self-scoring show that after approximately 6 months of therapy, Ann was no longer showing the symptoms of borderline personality. However, she was still in stage III of her personality transformation.

The four stages of personality transformation are described in detail at Lifetrack Concepts: Intimacy to Growth

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