Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, M.D.
Founder of Lifetrack

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The Lifetrack and Lovetrack online programs are proven, powerful tools to help you strengthen your well-being and enrich the quality of your life.

The programs are designed to help you experience "breakthrough intimacy" with your partner so you can enhance your sense of self and achievement, according to the principles presented in the Lifetrack Manual " Breakthrough Intimacy - Sad to Happy through Closeness ", by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka.

Dr. Ishizuka, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, brings to his field several new questions: What is the objective of therapy? What does it mean to be well? How can we measure and improve well-being? During his more than 30 years of full-time clinical practice, he has developed and tested a paradigm of positive psychological health and a corresponding method of therapy to help people improve their sense of self, their intimate relationships and their drive to achieve.

Lifetrack concepts draw on modern physics, particularly quantum mechanics, western medicine, eastern philosophy, and the pragmatic problem-solving approach of business management. Dr. Ishizuka developed the Lifetrack method to help his patients in his private practice and has tested it daily with well over 2,000 individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. The method has been presented to and favorably received by the international psychiatric and business communities as an innovative breakthrough approach that helps individuals reach and exceed a previous best level of excellence and well-being.

Lifetrack's Mission: Daily Health and Well-Being

The objective of this site is to offer an effective and tested Lifetrack model of positive mental health to professionals and the public to help enhance well-being.

Specifically, individuals can attempt to improve the quality of their mental health through daily Lifetrack self-rating programs and, if necessary, can easily and quickly contact capable Lifetrack therapists and advisors anywhere in the world, regardless of geographic distance and time zones.

We will do our best to offer training to capable professional colleagues around the world who are interested in this new method of therapy. It is our hope that in the future, anyone will be able to choose and connect with a capable therapist or advisor in the privacy and comfort of his or her home through the Internet.

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If you would enjoy reading more about Dr. Ishizuka and what influenced his development of the Lifetrack method, please take a look at About Dr. Ishizuka, Questions & Answers and Publications.

To learn about other Lifetrack services, you can schedule an individual consultation with Dr. Ishizuka.

If you would like to jump right into the fundamental Lifetrack concepts will enjoy reading about the three spheres, the four stages, understanding your stress symptoms, the five alternatives you face at your threshold of stress, four key steps that lead to improved health and more.

Finally, those already familiar with the method and ready to dive right into the self-rating exercises to start building mental health can choose Lifetrack for overall mental health in three areas of your life (self, intimacy and achievement) and Lovetrack for tracking and improving an intimate relationship with your partner in life.


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